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RYZE Tello Drone Fun Flight

I recently heard of the RYZE Tello mini drone with DJI technology. DJI is a reputed company that is known for high quality camera drones.

Over the years, I have tested several toy drones. The Tello was different though. It is an affordable drone with a camera and most interestingly is programmable. I wanted to check out how easy it is to program and control one. So I acquired a Tello drone and got started researching its SDK.

In this demo, I used the python project from

Once you checkout the project, you get a folder structure created locally as shown here:

Tello python project

Single_Tello_Test folder contains all that you need to send commands to Tello so that it can execute those commands. On my laptop, I detected the WiFi network of the Tello drone and connected to it. Once connected, I ran the command below:

python "command - iPhoneVideo2.txt"

The text file can have any name. This is the one I used for setting a sequence of commands that represented my custom flight plan for the Tello. Here is what the commands in the file look like:

delay 2
delay 2
up 30
delay 2
cw 180
delay 2
forward 300
delay 2
left 60
delay 3
right 60
delay 2
flip f
delay 2

The python code in reads each line and sends the instruction to the drone via UDP messages. This worked beautifully, and the command execution statuses can be viewed in the command window:

Command execution status

Here, Tello on receives commands on port 8889 and sends back the command status message. I’ve captured a clip of the Tello drone in action. Enjoy!

RYZE Tello Drone in ‘auto-pilot’ mode
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