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Video Diary

After much deliberation, I’ve finally decided to start my very first blog. I’m really excited with my decision, here goes!!!

Last Saturday, I watched what is perhaps the best sci-fi movie of all time – AVATAR directed by James Cameron. It was exciting to me because it was the first 3-D movie I watched in a theater. I was quite impressed by the video log used by Sam Washington, the main actor. I decided to look for such a software for use with my Mac Book pro. After a brief search, I came across TheVideoDiary which is a really neat and simple piece of software to use.

Once TheVideoDiary is started, the UI appears. There’s a calendar displayed on the top left, a + button to add an entry and – button to delete an entry towards the bottom left. The rest of the UI is empty, until the + button is clicked. I recorded my first video without much difficulty. After the + button is clicked, a window pops up in the empty area. The built in camera of the MacBook pro lights up and I see myself on the screen. I just click the record button and start talking. Once I’m done, I click the keep button. That’s it. Instant video diary log for the day.

I have started regularly using TheVideoLibrary at the end of the day to quickly record my diary entries. No typing, no pen/paper…just plain video and audio. Great software!

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Posted by on January 6, 2010 in Personal Technology