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Remote Operated Laser Pointer – Part 3

Remote Operated Laser Pointer – Part 3

In this post, I will talk about the completed unit on the drone side and show a demo of the remote operated laser pointer in action. The development continues on from the second part of this series.

Here are some pictures of the unit I created. This was mounted on a single lego brick and then attached to the drone via a PGYTECH Tello Adapter.

The whole unit is constructed over a yellow lego brick. I used a 3mm black acrylic sheet and some industrial glue to shape the structure. There is also the use of a cylindrical acrylic rod to support the structure. I learnt that I needed more power to support the RC relay and Laser diode simultaneously. The CR2032/CR2025 3V Vertical Mounting Coin Battery Holders proved an excellent option giving me a total of 12 V. These were stuck one over the other with some industrial glue. The bottom two cells are wired to drive the RC relay circuit. I placed a slider switch for power off/on function. If connected directly to the power supply, the RC relay draws up a little current for powering the signal reception circuit.

The top two coin batteries (CR2032), provide 6V DC supply to the Red laser diode. I put in a 100 Ohm resistor to protect the diode. You’ll also notice that I swapped my previous red laser for one of these.

Here is the demo of the unit in action!

Now, that the Drone end has been taken care of, I will next focus on the processing end. This is the Raspberry Pi and the Intel Neural compute stick 2. What I hope to achieve is to stream the video feed from the Tello Drone to the Raspberry Pi, that also controls the flight of the drone via Python code. Do inferences on the stream and detect target images. If found, then light up the laser pointer on the physical image. I’ll show how in my next post or two.

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